Jason Suttie Head of Disruption at The Foundery division of Rand Merchant Bank
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The 2017 ITWeb Digital Economy Summit

I was privileged to speak at the 2017 ITWeb Digital Economy Summit, where industry leaders put disruption in the spotlight.

Research suggests that going digital is no longer an option and that it should form part of every organisation’s core strategy.

The event looked at how digital disruption is slicing across industries and the potential approaches companies can take to integrate digital where it makes the most sense for their business. Digital is shifting your customers’ reality and it is vital that businesses plan to ‘adapt or die’!

Here was my delivery on the day:

The world is in the exponential age. We are experiencing exponentials in many aspects of our lives. from energy, deep learning, robotics, virtual reality, biology and almost everything in between. With these exponentials come the disruptors, the technology companies that are disrupting the business models of today with technology solutions that shift the paradigm of our business and personal lives forward to places we are yet to imagine.

As a large organisation the choices are simple, do nothing and wait to be disrupted or disrupt yourself. On the surface neither seem like great options. It’s hard to imagine who the disruptor will be and what form the disruption will take if one plays the waiting game, by that time it will inevitably be too late. Alternatively there is the option of disrupting yourself, just like what RMB did. In this talk I shared the story of RMB FOUNDeRY.

My key Outcomes

– How do you go about disrupting an organisation from within, what are the traps and tricks?

– Measurement of success, how do you know you have succeeded?

– Budget – how much should/does this cost an organisation?