Jason Suttie Head of Disruption at The Foundery division of Rand Merchant Bank
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Let’s Connect

Believer of Infrastructure As Code. Cheerleader of Agile. Ambassador of DevOps.
Diagnostician for Silo Sickness. The force behind the technology disruption unit.

Solutions that bring the future to your business today.

#BetterWorkingWorld #ThisIsHassemPrag #TechInnovation #CoreIntelligance #CustomizedRoadmaps #RobustDesign #ModernAgilePractices #TechTrends

#JCITOYP We forget how our story got us here, and this process has reminded me of what I have achieved and what I still want and need to achieve. This process has anchored me again in my purpose @JCISouthAfrica @jcinews #TOYPSouthAfrica2019Nominee #AfricaArise #JCISA #JCISA

THE JOURNEY - MY STORY I share the first of my 3 part blog share on my career, the journey, the transformations and transitions over the past 9 years. Follow my blog

I have built up an extensive array of knowledge and expertise that would help many organisations in their Digital and IT strategies, thus providing a Consulting and Advisory service to them would be a very natural thing for me to pursue. #Consulting #Advisory #DigitalStrategy #IT

Every opportunity to address an audience brings a new challenge, and I am up for that challenge, let’s connect #Keynotes #Workshops #Podcasting Going from inter company speaking opportunities to hosting my show on radio, I have realized the impact of speaking to wider audiences.

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