Jason Suttie Head of Disruption at The Foundery division of Rand Merchant Bank
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Let’s Connect

Believer of Infrastructure As Code. Cheerleader of Agile. Ambassador of DevOps.
Diagnostician for Silo Sickness. The force behind the technology disruption unit.

#JCITOYP We forget how our story got us here, and this process has reminded me of what I have achieved and what I still want and need to achieve. This process has anchored me again in my purpose @JCISouthAfrica @jcinews #TOYPSouthAfrica2019Nominee #AfricaArise #JCISA #JCISA

THE JOURNEY - MY STORY I share the first of my 3 part blog share on my career, the journey, the transformations and transitions over the past 9 years. Follow my blog

I have built up an extensive array of knowledge and expertise that would help many organisations in their Digital and IT strategies, thus providing a Consulting and Advisory service to them would be a very natural thing for me to pursue. #Consulting #Advisory #DigitalStrategy #IT

Every opportunity to address an audience brings a new challenge, and I am up for that challenge, let’s connect #Keynotes #Workshops #Podcasting Going from inter company speaking opportunities to hosting my show on radio, I have realized the impact of speaking to wider audiences.

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